Kikka | Mukusa no Takimonō by Kyukyodo
Kikka | Mukusa no Takimonō by Kyukyodo

Kikka | Mukusa no Takimonō by Kyukyodo

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      Kikka is a sublime Chrysanthemum incense with a delicate balance of florals and woods. An autumnal fragrance featuring a blend of aloeswood, sandalwood, florals and spices. A treasure of modern incense with great depth.

      • Chrysanthemum (autumn)
      • A blend of aloeswood, sandalwood, florals and spices
      • Decorative packaging
      • Made in Japan
      • Approx. 20 sticks, 15 mins per stick
      • Length: 2.25"

      Kyukyodo’s Mukusa no Takimonō series features six evocative fragrances inspired by the seasons, made using all-natural ingredients of the highest quality. Experience beautiful modern incense inspired by tradition.

      Kyukyodo is one of the oldest and most venerable incense companies in Japan using a variety of natural woods, spices and florals to create elegant blends with a distinctive sweet quality. Founded in 1663, Kyukyodo began as an apothecary supplying herbs and fragrant aromatics in front of the main gates of the temple district in Kyoto. 

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