Kyara Enju | Premium Incense by Seijudo

Kyara Enju | Premium Incense by Seijudo

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Kyara Enju (Long Life) is highly regarded as one of the finest incenses in Japan featuring an incredibly high concentration of green oil Kyara of up to 60%. A treasured incense valued for its impressive aroma. Strong, woody and floral.

  • Premium green oil Kyara
  • Traditional Japanese incense
  • Made in Japan
  • 8 sticks per roll, burn time: 25 mins
  • Length: 4.5"

Seijudo's premium range features some of the greatest examples of Japanese incense in the world. Discover a range of masterful aloeswood blends culminating in the famous Kyara Enju, the crown jewel of this series.

Seijudo was founded in 1849 in the picturesque valley of Kamikawa and are historic leaders in innovative Japanese incense production techniques. They use all natural ingredients in their incense and draw from nature as inspiration for their evocative scents.

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