Patchouli | Herb & Earth by Nippon Kodo
Patchouli | Herb & Earth by Nippon Kodo

Patchouli | Herb & Earth by Nippon Kodo

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Patchouli scent is deep, earthy, and musky, with a slightly sweet, spicy undertone. It's known for its rich, intense aroma that is both grounding and invigorating,

  • Patchouli fragrance
  • 20 sticks per pack
  • Approx. burn time: 25 mins per stick
  • Minimal smoke
  • No artificial dyes

Herb & Earth, an exquisite collection by Nippon Kodo, features bamboo stick incense that offers the pure essence of fragrance, infused with the natural gifts of the earth. Explore an array of authentic herb and earth-based aromas, ranging from spicy, floral, and sweet to distinctly earthy scents.

Nippon Kodo are one of the world leaders in Japanese incense. They create unique specialist incense ranging from accessible to premium. The production of Nippon Kodo's incense comes from closely guarded preparation skills that are over 400 years old, based on writings by Takai Juemon on the mixture of aromatic woods.

*Nippon Kodo incense contains some synthetic fragrances

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