Rose & Oud | Artisan Candles by Nidra Nomad
Rose & Oud | Artisan Candles by Nidra Nomad

Rose & Oud | Artisan Candles by Nidra Nomad

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Oud is a majestic aromatic, prized for its uniquely rich and woody scent. As one of the most highly valued ingredients in perfumery, this rare wood is frequently found in luxury fragrances. In this romantic blend, oud balances a sensual rose with hints of jasmine and praline. A seductive scent, evoking memories of regal gardens, dusk and romance.

Fragrance Notes:
Top - Oud
Heart - Rose, Jasmine, Praline
Base - Vanilla, Amber and Musk

A palace garden for a late evening stroll. Sounds of distant city ambience. The air carries with it the sweet aromas of jasmine and rose and the sky a blend of indigo and pink. Oud smoke drifts from an open window, adding an air of mystique to the stillness of the night.

  • 100% natural wax candle
  • 20cl
  • Cotton wick
  • Pure essential oils
  • Approx burn time: 25-30 hours
  • Hand-poured in London

Nidra Nomad is a home-wellness store providing living spaces with affordable eco-conscious products. The Sanctuary Collection was created to conjure up nostalgic memories of natural hideaways. The scent of summer, regal gardens, desert dunes, rainforests and woodland hikes. Through the power of scent and story, they bring natural sanctuaries closer to home.

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