Tuberose | Absolute 20gm by Pure Incense
Tuberose | Absolute 20gm by Pure Incense

Tuberose | Absolute 20gm by Pure Incense

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Am excellent tuberose incense made with 100% pure flower oil. A personal favorite flower scent.

As with all incense in the Absolute range, the quality is superb and this scent will stand out from most other indian incenses on the market. 

  • Tuberose incense
  • Hand-rolled using 100% natural ingredients
  • Made in India
  • 20 grams of incense in each box (approx. 16-20 sticks)
  • Approx burn time: 40-45 mins per stick

Pure Incense's Absolute range use minimal base ingredients to allow for a more potent headline fragrance. These sticks easily outperform many other Indian incenses on the market and are perfect for filling a room with delightful fragrance! Strong and potent. Take a look at more from the Absolute collection here

Pure Incense produce high quality temple-grade Indian incense with a range of unique scents to discover. They use all natural ingredients sourced from the sub-continent of India. Those who are looking for high-grade Indian incense will love the range of scents from this company. 

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