Winter (Narcissus) | Kazedayori by Nippon Kodo
Winter (Narcissus) | Kazedayori by Nippon Kodo
Winter (Narcissus) | Kazedayori by Nippon Kodo

Winter (Narcissus) | Kazedayori by Nippon Kodo

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A floral Narcissus balances notes of Musk and Moss riding a base of sandalwood makes for a smooth and soothing scent.  Nippon Kodo took inspiration from Genji, the shining prince who is the main character of 'The Tale of Genji' a classic and masterpiece of Japanese Literature, written in the 11th Century CE.

This is a very low smoke/no smoke incense, perfect for special occasions or daily use.

  • Narcissus, musk, moss and sandalwood
  • 360 Incense sticks
  • Each stick is approx. 140mm
  • Burn time is approx. 30 minutes per stick
  • Very low smoke Incense
  • Decorative art
  • Made in Japan  

In Japanese, 'Kazedayori' translates as 'News from the wind' and in this evocative collection, Nippon Kodo take inspiration from the four seasons. Each box contains 360 incense sticks, designed to evoke the mood of each season and decorated in beautiful Japanese art.

Nippon Kodo are one of the world leaders in Japanese incense. They create unique specialist incense ranging from accessible to premium. The production of Nippon Kodo's incense comes from closely guarded preparation skills that are over 400 years old, based on writings by Takai Juemon on the mixture of aromatic woods.

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