Top 7 Incense Sticks to Burn in Spring

The fragrances of springtime have inspired incense makers for generations and these evocative floral scents can be found in both modern and traditional incenses. A lot of Japanese incense especially takes influence from Spring with many Japanese incense makers using the sakura cherry blossom tree as inspiration. Incenses evocative of spring are often fresh, delicate and floral. Here are out top 7 incense sticks for spring:

1. Pearl | Karin Les Encens du Monde

Pearl emits flowery, delicate accents of tuberose riding a unique background of sandalwood accompanied by the fresh marine-like scent of coumarin. The floral sweetness of Pearl makes it one of our top Spring incenses. 'A wonderfully sweet, rich and light fragrance with very little smoke. One of my personal favourites from the Karin range.'

2. Baika Ju (Plum Blossoms) | Selects by Shoyeido

This is one of Shoyeido's best floral incenses and arguably one of the best florals available in the world of Japanese incense! Baika Ju features a recipe of sandalwood, cinnamon, and spices, creating a fresh aura, like a forest in springtime. Sweet, yet airy and fresh. Perfect for burning on a spring or summer day.

3. Cherry Blossoms | Daily Incense by Shoyeido

The Sakura or Cherry Blossom flower is well-known in Japan and forms the idea for many spring-like Japanese incenses. This particular blend from Shoyeido captures the sweetness of cherry blossom alongside traditional woody undertones. A great choice for daily burning and a springtime favourite.

4. Rose | Hana-no-Hana by Nippon Kodo

Nippon Kodo are well known for their evocative scents and this floral incense from their Hana-no-Hana line is one of their strongest. Rose is a blend of rose, vanilla and sandalwood and spices creating a perfume-like blend. There's a fresh and slightly green/earthy element to this floral incense which evokes memories of forests during spring. 

5. Lavender | Incense Rolls by Les Encens du Monde

Lavender is one of those classic springtime floral fragrances. Soothing, relaxing and mellow. This is one of the most popular spring incenses from the Incense rolls range. Perfect for burning before bed or to wind down after a stressful day. 

6. Tokusen Kobunboku | Kobunboku by Baieido

Incenses from the Kobunboku range have a traditional spicy, woody scent with a slight hint of floral sweetness. The inspiration behind this range is the sweet scent of plum blossoms. As this is a more traditional blend, the result isn't as sweet but more an evocative woody version of Plus Blossoms. A great choice for lovers of traditional Japanese incense with a floral focus.

7. Prem | The Mother's India Fragrance

And finally, Prem is a beautiful blend of Jasmine and other florals and is one of the stand out fragrances from the Mother's India Nag Champa range. Jasmine is a sensuous, uplifting scent, certainly remeniscent of spring and summer months. As this is an Indian incense, the sweet floral note dominates and is much stronger than the Japanese alternatives. Perfect for large rooms and even outdoors burning during spring.

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