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Indian incense sticks are known for their rich, devotional and potent scents. Indian incense contains a bamboo core and is smokier than Japanese varieties. We've found some of the top manufacturers of temple-grade Indian incense that use all natural ingredients. Take a look at our range from The Mother's (India) Fragrances , Pure Incense, Temple of Incense and Sacred Elephant Incense. Even die-hard Japanese incense fans will delight in these - they are truly divine!

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There are countless makers of Indian incense sticks (agarbatti) available online - some are of good quality but many are synthetic, dipped and cheap. But fear not! We've spent time to find suppliers of Indian incense sticks that are really quite special. This is hand rolled, non-dipped Indian incense made from the finest natural ingredients sourced in India. When it comes to Indian incense, you can't get any better than these. Take a look at our suppliers here:

Hand-rolled for the best quality

We never sell dipped Indian incense sticks as they often contain unnatural ingredients and chemicals. Instead, we supply hand rolled masala sticks made in India. Masala sticks consist of a bamboo stick coated with a thick paste of base and aromatic ingredients. Base materials include Charcoal, Amber resins, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vanilla and some gums, which act as binding agents. Champas are a sub-type of Masala sticks and contain Halmaddi. This is a fragrant resinous binding ingredient, renowned for its floral scent. You can learn more about Indian incense here.

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