Baieidō is one of the oldest makers of traditional Japanese incense, established in 1657, in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. Baieido are known for their earthy, woody and traditional scents - notably the very popular Kobunboku.

About Baieido

Baieido was established in 1657 and is one of the oldest traditional Japanese incense manufactures in Japan. They are best known for their broad range of aloeswood and sandalwood incenses which have a woody, traditional character. Baieido is recognised as one of the leading Japanese incense companies in the world using all natural ingredients including aromatic woods, resins, florals, and spices. Baieido’s most famous line is ‘Kobunboku’, a collection of complex woody aromas reminiscent of plum blossoms.

Baieido’s formulas have been passed down through generations, making their incense true to tradition. In fact, Baieido still use many traditional manufacturing methods to produce their incense which makes for high quality and authentic scents. Baieido have also pioneered research into
the history of agarwood (also known as aloeswood or oud).