Lotus Zen are proud to be selling from Japanese incense specialist Shoyeido, considered by many to be the creators of the finest and most natural incense in the world. Over 300 years ago Rokubei Moritsune Hata began using methods of making incense he learned while working at the Imperial Palace in Kyoto. Today, the Hata family continues to offer a wide variety of unique, hand-blended incense. 

About Shoyeido

Shoyeido are one of the most popular and renown Japanese incense brands in the West. Based in Kyoto Japan since 1705, Shoyeido have been making incense for over 300 years. Their creative blends are authentic and impressive using all-natural ingredients and traditional incense aromatics. Lotus Zen stock a wide range of Shoyeido incense including the famous Shoyeido daily incense range which was one of the first traditional Japanese incense lines to gain popularity outside of Japan.

Shoyeido was founded in the early 18th century by Rokubei Moritsune Hata who began incorporating incense making techniques and providing a new world of aroma to an audience beyond royalty. Shoyeido have a specialised blending process drawn from centuries-old secrets to create masterworks of fragrance. The subtle nuances of Shoyeido's sticks are remarkable. The slightest change in the quality or amount of any ingredient can dramatically influence the resulting fragrance. A fine balance indeed!

Shoyeido make incense for all sorts of occasions and needs. From Buddhist temples and special ceremonies to daily use, yoga and meditation, shoyeido’s incense is a timeless way to appreciate natural fragrance and enhance atmosphere.

A Unique Scent Profile

True fans of Shoyeido will recognise that their incense has a vanilla-like sweetness at its base. This sweet foundation runs through almost all Shoyeido's formulas and makes for a unique scent profile. Perhaps this contributed to their immense popularity in the west and helped appeal to a western customer base that were not as used to traditional dry woody Japanese incenses (like those from Baieido).

All incense sticks from Shoyeido are made using natural ingredients including wood powers, florals, essential oils and spices. Although they are a traditional Japanese incense house, their formulas are often quite modern and evocative using scent and story to stir the listener's imagination.