Desert Sage (Sustainably Sourced) | Sage & Palo
Desert Sage (Sustainably Sourced) | Sage & Palo
Desert Sage (Sustainably Sourced) | Sage & Palo
Desert Sage (Sustainably Sourced) | Sage & Palo

Desert Sage (Sustainably Sourced) | Sage & Palo

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These Desert Sage Sticks are made with Sage from New Mexico; they are wrapped with 100% cotton yarn for safe and healthful burning. Each ingredient is considered a scared herb used for centuries by Native Americans in their Smudging ceremonies.

Smudging is the name given to the burning of these herbs for the purposes of cleansing and sending our prayers. Today people are Smudging to receive the benefits known to generations of our Native American brothers and sisters.

  • Sourced in New Mexico
  • Approx. 17.5cm in length
  • Pure Desert Sage

How to Burn:
Traditionally, smudging is a spiritual ceremony used to clear out negative energies and attract positive energy. You can burn a smudge stick directly from the end, or break off fragments to burn in an incense bowl or dish. Many find that burning sage helps open them up to meditation and finding connection with the spiritual. Read our guide on Sage & Palo Santo to learn more about it's spiritual/cultural significance and how best to burn.

Desert sage (Artemesia Tridentata) covers much of the high desert and plains areas of the Western States of America. As well as being burned, desert sage is often held, worn or kept with sacred objects to ward off negative influences. Native American tradition says that wherever sage is, evil spirits cannot enter. 

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