Aqua Incense | Ka-Fuh by Nippon Kodo
Aqua Incense | Ka-Fuh by Nippon Kodo
Ka-Fuh | Aqua - Lotus Zen Incense
Ka-Fuh | Aqua - Lotus Zen Incense

Aqua Incense | Ka-Fuh by Nippon Kodo

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Aqua is a fresh and floral incense with notes of Cyclamen and Primula flowers. The scent is clean, fresh and oceanic. Like all incense in the Ka-Fuh range, Aqua is light and low smoke - a perfect choice for those sensitive to smoky incense. 

‘This is a unique incense, unlike any other I’ve tried. A very clean and fresh scent that definitely reminds me of water, very soothing. One of the most popular incenses from Nippon Kodo’s Ka-Fuh range.’

  • A floral, fresh aroma
  • Made in Japan
  • Pure incense (no bamboo core)
  • Low smoke
  • 120 sticks, 14cm in length
  • Approx burn time: 30 mins per stick

Ka-Fuh means ‘blossoms in the wind’. Incense in this range is delicate, low smoke and reminiscent of fragrance wafting gently in the breeze. See other Ka-fuh scents here.

Ka-fuh is the scent of blossoms in the wind. Imagine sunlight filtering through the branches and leaves of a cool forest after a rain shower as the mild scent of blossoms waft softly. Ka-fuh incense is made from selected natural organic ingredients by experienced incense craftsmen.

Nippon Kodo are one of the world leaders in Japanese incense. They create unique specialist incense ranging from accessible to premium. The production of Nippon Kodo's incense comes from closely guarded preparation skills that are over 400 years old, based on writings by Takai Juemon on the mixture of aromatic woods.

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