Perfumed Prince | Karin by Les Encens du Monde
Perfumed Prince - Lotus Zen Incense
Perfumed Prince - Lotus Zen Incense

Perfumed Prince | Karin by Les Encens du Monde

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A seductive blend of amber, floral and woody scents make this incense elegant and sensual. This is also very low smoke and perfect for those who prefer less smoke without losing fragrance. Sweet, floral and smooth.

'This is a wonderfully subtle, sweet incense with strong vanilla notes and hints of what smells like jasmine and marshmallow. This is a very gentle scent that slowly fills a room and will really appeal to those who prefer modern blends over more traditional incenses.'

  • A blend of wood powders, amber, natural plants, herbs and essential oils.
  • 100% natural ingredients, no synthetic oils or fragrances
  • Very low smoke
  • Made in Awaji, Japan
  • 40 sticks per box, 14cm in length
  • Free ceramic incense holder included
  • Approx burn time: 30 mins per stick

This incense is part of the Karin collection which is inspired by Genji's novel, written in the 10th century and describes life at the Imperial Court, one of the heroes of which is Genji. Genji was 'the perfumed prince'.

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