True Sandal | Incense by Shroff Channabasappa
True Sandal | Incense by Shroff Channabasappa

True Sandal | Incense by Shroff Channabasappa

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True Sandal is one of Shroff's highest quality sandalwoods. Woody, deep and soft. 

  • Handmade and hand-rolled in India
  • High quality, temple-grade incense
  • Authentic Shroff Channabasappa
  • 'Dry' masala
  • Weight: 50g (Approx. 40 sticks per box)
  • Approx burn time: 40-45 mins per stick

Shroff incense sticks are some of the finest on the market. All sticks are handmade in India and hand-rolled using woods, florals, halmaddi, aromatic herbs and essential oils. Their range of incense features exquisite scents from sweet and floral to woody and spiced.

Shroff Channabasappa are recognised as one of the world's top Indian incense manufactures. Shroff have been in business since 1882 having supplied incense to the Maharaja of Mysore and being the first Indian incense manufacturer to have participated in London's trade fair in 1930.

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Customer Reviews

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Actually pure sandal

This is the only stick incense I’ve found that’s actually just sandalwood. I’m basing this on sandal blocks I have that I shave onto coals.
It’s great stuff but it’s very much like sweet wood smoke, not spiced at all by a masala.
Highly recommended. I wish there was more of this stuff around.

Kris Cleland
Smells exactly like real Sandalwood

You must try these sticks if you like sandalwood, if you have never had the pleasure of smelling real sandalwood chips on either a warmer, charcoal burners with mica plates, or any other method, and that is not something you are interested in doing, in the foreseeable future anyway, then rest assured that I have tried both sandalwood pieces on charcoal with mica plates and these sticks 100% smell the exact same as real Sandalwood.

If you want to a true sandalwood, just like the name suggests, go for this!!!